Simple yet meaningful ideas

Lost Hoodie is a small creative studio hailing from Oulu, Finland. Our team consists of seven zealous individuals with heads full of amazing ideas and skills to match!

We aim to make all of our products easy to approach by including some familiar elements, while still experimenting with fresh new ideas. Combining these two principles makes for a simple yet meaningful design.


Graphic design

Spice up your branding with us!

From logos to publication layouts, we got you covered. We can create quality graphics for you, be it something simple to spice up your own marketing materials, website or pitch deck. Or a logo, information graphic, interface design, website or publication layout.



A picture is worth a thousand words.

We can create vector and raster illustrations for your marketing needs, website, periodic reports, books, magazines and other publications. Simple shape forward vector designs to a more hand drawn style.


Concept art

Freshest concepts, right here!

Our concept artist can create concept images in a variety of different styles for games, movies, comics or animations. Characters, environments, buildings, items, weapons and vehicles, anything you might need.



Need 2D animations? We gotchu!

Our artists can make quality 2D sprite sheet and skeleton animations for your game or animation project using Spine. Animations are also a great tool for instructional purposes in an industrial environment.


3D modeling

3D models and textures, we have those!

Our artists can create 3D models for your game projects, animations, marketing materials and architectural & product rendering projects. We can also offer our texturing expertise for those with their own 3D models.



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Our programmers can help you with gamification, build a user interface or an app to control your product or help script a new component for your game project.