Devblog #1

Devblog #1

Since this is our first dev blog let’s start with a recap of fall 2018:

The concept for Shred ‘n’ Slam came from two guys at the start of OGL Demo Path, except then it was called Skate or Die. For those who don’t know Oulu Game Lab is a simulation of game industry where students can develop game prototypes/products for a whole year. Our concept of skateboarding game for mobile passed the judgement of Gate 1 on September and our team grew by two members. At this point our team consisted of a game designer, an artist, a programmer and a producer. Then we started to develop our first prototype with Gate 2 in our sights.

The picture shows what the game prototype looked like back then. We had added the gesture recognition, animations, obstacles and a couple of tricks to perform on one endless map. We passed Gate 2 with second highest score and got three more members to join Lost Hoodie, a second programmer and two new artists. Then we started working on UI, updating the graphics, animations and making our own level editor. Along with these changes we designed a new logo and other marketing material. 

At Gate 3 we had a tutorial level, endless level that was longer than the one we had for Gate 2, character selection and possibility of upgrading the board with tools that could be bought with coins the player had collected. Since our group was no longer just all men it was more than necessary to have a girl version of our boy Jeppe. At this point we soft launched our game to Google Play store so we can get all the benefits from our players’ feedback. Gate 3 was a tough one and even though it went well we were really close on dropping.

Needless to say, we are glad to be at Game Path continuing this project together. We also got a new artist to join the fray. Our new office in the farthest corner of OGL is nice and cozy. So far, we have been making a bit of new content which is available soon and we have done some planning for the future. Our core plan for Game Path this spring is to make the game more enjoyable and that requires a few major changes to the gameplay. 

We are pretty excited about our new design ideas but more on that later! Art side will also be going through some changes to improve the user experience through a clearer visual hierarchy. We haven’t forgotten all the skin ideas from play testers, and promise to use them later to make cool skins for you! We will be updating this blog at least once a month, but you get to hear all the important stuff first by following our social media in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!