Dev Blog #4

Dev Blog #4

Long time no Dev Blog!

So, team Lost Hoodie is now officially part of the Game Lab Survivors since Game Path ended in May, but lucky for you our development hasn’t stopped there! We are still very much in the middle of creating content and adding more features. We didn’t update the game in Play Store for a long time because the huge changes to the gameplay and art needed lots of playtesting but now it’s finally there!

Let’s go through some of the new features: We added five new skins to collect and new maps to conquer. Our map menu includes now multiple levels for each theme and in the end, you can unlock an endless map for that theme and keep gathering coins and other collectables. Besides the familiar Hometown theme, we now have a new Beach theme with new obstacle designs. The skins are now divided to parts so you can customize your character as you like from different heads, torsos and shoes. On top of that we’ll be adding custom skateboards in the future.

The tutorial has been re-designed to a Cul-De-Sac map, where you learn all the gestures for the tricks one by one and once you have completed them all, we’ll give you a surprise gift!

The game has also Daily Rewards, Trick Selection menu and soft launched to seven new countries including, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark. Yay!

We have planned to regularly update new map theme and skins from now on, along with other new features and bug fixes.

New Beach map
Skin selection menu