Dev Blog #2

Dev Blog #2

Time flies and it’s time for new blog post. We have been re-designing multiple things with the goal in mind to make gameplay super smooth and enjoyable.

One normal Monday morning our Lead Artist Pekka rushed to our office fussing about 3D-models and how we should have more perspective in our game rather than just 2D side-scrolling view. He was so excited and we kind of looked at each other thinking: “Pekka has these whims all the time but surely we can’t just change our entire Unity project to fit the 3D-models?”. We brainstormed and reasoned that even though it would look really cool it’s just impossible to change everything now. At that point of morning our lead programmer had yet to arrive to hear about this but when he did, we carefully told him what we discussed. Matti’s answer was unexpected “Yeah we can do that!”

So, the result is that we are now making a 2.5D side-scroller with 3D ground and obstacles mixed with 2D characters and backgrounds. Combined with particle effects that we just recently started to make, the game is going to look super cool! Artists have a lot of work to do and that’s not the only thing we have in mind on updating. We want to polish the physics in the game and make better animations and of course fix the bugs that you sure are familiar with.

Here are little designs of concept/marketing art to go with our updated logos. This website also has a new FAQ-page which we will keep updated. With all this new stuff that needs our attention and thought we try to keep the mood in the office light. Playing games and having lunch together is proven to ease the pressures from our team mates.

We can’t wait to get our new gameplay features ready and published in the Play Store but it’s going to take some time and testing. We’ll tell details of our progress in next month’s Dev Blog but meanwhile you should follow our social media to see current happenings!